@ worried mum | 14/01/2013

reply from bexicle:
Hya, to be honest when my daughter was simply visiting CAMHS once a week they were not doing blood tests or blood pressure, nothing. Something only seemed to get done when I pressed for a blood test to be done which revealed low pottasium which lead to her being an inpatient and consequently the eating disorder unit getting involved. Are they testing her blood and blood pressure regularly when she visits the doctor? My experience has been the GP generally knows sod all about eating disorders. I dont know which country u are in but she at least needs to be referred to a psychiatrist, whether she goes or not you cannot decide as shes an adult isnt she. I know it must be awful for you as she is now an adult and she knows full well there isnt a damn thing you can do and will probably play on that. I hope you find comfort in my blog and if u ever want to chat, email me. xx

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