11/01/2013 18:24



I am shattered. I dont think I have slept properly for like 5 nights now and i am really done in. Everyone keeps saying go and get some sleeping tablets but I hate the way they drag you straight into sleep, it scares me a bit. And that doesnt really solve the problem does it, as its my daughter being ill in a hospital thats the reason I have mass anxiety when I get into bed and cannot sleep. Until she gets on the road to recovery and gets out of that place I doubt the sandman will be visiting. Any time soon anyway.

I went to visit Chloe at the hospital today but only briefly as I was there to learn about the right portion sizes to give her when preparing her meals as they are letting her out after breakfast and I have to bring her back for her evening meal so she is home at lunch. Its not rocket science just a couple of ladels of each thing like 2 ladles of peas (jesus!) and 2 ladles of chicken  curry or two ladles of pasta bake or whatever. But they are jumping the gun a bit because thats what scares Chloe the most-the evening meal. Its the biggest and the most calorific I suppose. Thats why shes just havng a go a lunch and snacks this weekend.

I exhausted so Im going to go and put my small ones to bed and get in there myself. I will write tomorrow xxx